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Welcome back HECHO

Welcome back HECHO heads – you know it’s been a long time coming! The HECHO family has been so busy growing that we had to take some time out and head underground for a while. Now it’s 2013, and everybody’s feeling this new B’aktun energy, man. Dec 21st 2012 wasn’t the doomsday so many predicted, it was the dawn of a new era: HECHO may have been on hiatus, but today our calendar begins anew. So here’s the deal, peeps: you bring the hype, and we’ll bring back the magazine.

We’re going to kick off with HECHO’s Hitlist: the places, people, events, and general stuff that has grabbed our attention right now. This isn’t a yearly roundup because “tomorrow doesn’t exit” here, and new things pop up every day. As soon as the Hitlist looks dated, we’ll make a new one…but let’s just take things step by step. Without further ado, here’s what we’re loving in Nicoya right now:

10. Uruk Kalli.

The soul of Fusion, with no neighbours to complain about the noise (and photoshoot worthy bathrooms).  Thanks guys.



9. Guayabas.

Tis the season; enjoy them fresh, or frozen with rum/tequila.

8. DJ & Producer Evan Rhodes.

He’s back in the country, after a sound-searching stint in NYC. Can’t wait to hear the tunes he has in store for us. Welcome home son.

Evan Rhodes

7. Managua’s Puerto Salvador Allende.

Managua’s Puerto Salvador Allende. It’s been around for a while and is slowly getting better. No, not the Malecon – it’s a real port, just left of the Acoustic Shell. A chilled waterfront location (minus glue-sniffers), with plenty of restaurants and C$45 litres of Toña. Cheers.

6. Restaurante El Segundo

Leave your wallet in Restaurante El Segundo: Managua’s newest foodie hotspot, with a true fusion menu and international fans – as recommended by the New York Times! Try the pinolillo donuts.


5. Godzilla.

He’s been lurking the streets of Managua for the past few months, and is rumoured to be headed for extinction. Grrrr

4. Environmental Awareness.

Cultura Quilombo and environmental awareness. The new venue reminds us all why it’s cool to get creative and important to think green. Ashe

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3. Maestro beer.

You’re back. We missed you and your malty flavor. Please don’t leave us ever again.

2. The Pithaya Earthship Festival 2013

Festival. Beach. Surf Comp. Reggae music. Señoritas and margaritas. ‘Nuff said.

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1. Cultura Profetica.

Cultura Profetica. The Reef Bar celebrates six years in the biz with serious style: it’s Puerto Rican reggae band Cultura’s first concert in Nicaragua,and the entrance is only US$15 ($30 VIP). What?! This should be one of the best shows of 2013.

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