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Hitlist III

6. Erdmann’s. First it was the black gold (coffee) and now it’s something even better. Foodie-heaven Espressonista in Granada has provided beer lovers in Nicaragua with the happiest alternative since the seasonal Maestro beer was launched! The artisanal, German-inspired home brew – named after the brewer/inventor, Falk Erdmann – comes in small quantities of ales and stouts, and rates highly on our yumometer. Erdmann’s is only available in limited edition batches, so you may have to sit tight, but believe us – it’s worth a road trip AND a wait. Cheers!

ÍCARO film festival calls for submissions in Nicaragua

ICARO invites you to participate in the Central American International Film Festival ICARO Nicaragua 2013!

The invitation is open to filmmakers from Central America and around the world. The competition is divided into two groups: Central American and International.

The main categories are: fiction short and full-length films, documentaries, animation, and experimental works. Only films that have been made between 2012-2013 will be considered.

The registration period officially started on May 6th and ends July 31st, 2013. The registration form is available online on the Festival webpage:

Corn Island

The fully packed panga finally leaves the dock. I’m sitting next to my new homie, chicken. Half way throughout the trip, the panga breaks down – engine failure. It’s also drizzling a little rain through most of this leg of the trip. Chicken and I are not impressed.

There’s no cel phone signal out here, so we’re stuck waiting for a few hours. Eventually, another panga turns up and we all change boats in the middle of the river. Still haven’t slept.

Hitlist II

#10. Celebrities ashore. What do Bianca Jagger, Steve O from Jackass, and that guy from the Mac ads all have in common? Chill time in Nicaragua, that’s what! We’re still mostly “paparazzi free” here (although the Matthew McConaughey incident in 2009 served as a lesson: beware of Instagram snaps when out doing tequila shots in San Juan)…

Elemental madness with Fire & Water

On Feb 16th, Isla Ometepe’s twin peaks will literally be overrun by extreme (and philanthropic) athletes. The Fuego y Agua event includes several divisions of running races, as well as the intense all-day survival race – this masochistic category has a 4am kickoff, and competitors must bring their own survival/first aid kits in case they fall while running, swimming, digging, or tackling surprise obstacles. Only the truly hardcore need apply for that one!

Welcome back HECHO

Welcome back HECHO heads – you know it’s been a long time coming! The HECHO family has been so busy growing that we had to take some time out and head underground for a while. Now it’s 2013, and everybody’s feeling this new B’aktun energy, man. Dec 21st 2012 wasn’t the doomsday so many predicted, it was the dawn of a new era: HECHO may have been on hiatus, but today our calendar begins anew. So here’s the deal, peeps: you bring the hype, and we’ll bring back the magazine.