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Mother Dearest, We Salute You.


Bar Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s, today is one of the most important dates of the year…Yes, it’s mother’s day! The bakeries of Nicaragua are overrun with orders, and the florists are raking in serious cash money. Hecho wants to wish all the mamacitas and mamasotas out there a very happy mother’s day, and while we’re at it we’d like to highlight two very special celebrations of this day.

The Inside Out Project, a “large-scale participatory art project that transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work”, has hit over 8000 locations on its’ round-the world mission. Created by French artist JRthe project uses pasting as a medium to call attention to a variety of subjects and causes for citizens from across the globe. The project has popped up in many corners of the world – from the North Pole to New Zealand and South Africa – and has now made its’ way to Granada, Nicaragua.

Inside Out Nicaragua was the prompted by two Peace Corps volunteers who are finishing a 2-year service in Nicaragua. Honoring the strength and perseverance of Nicaragua women, the event will feature large-format pasted photographs of 47 women who have inspired and impacted the lives of these volunteers during their stay in Nicaragua.

The black and white photography will be pasted by the subjects and volunteers down the length of two walls – at La Casa de Los Tres Mundos on the corner in front of Kathy’s Waffle House, and La Fundación Corpus Christi at the corner opposite Farmacia Milagrosa on Calle Corral – in the center of Granada. The event is open to the public, starting at 9am, for those who wish to observe or participate.

Also taking place in honor of Nicaragua’s mothers was a special concert from one of Nicaragua’s favorite bands. Yesterday, La Cuneta Son Machin made a special trip to the La Esperanza, a women-only federal prison near Managua, where they performed their smash hits such as Amor Fritanguero for all the mothers who are currently languishing in this prison. The concert was an initiative of the Swiss Terre des Hommes Foundation. For La Cuneta, it’s yet another show of solidarity from these conscious rockers who are no strangers to using their platform as popular musicians to raise awareness and support national causes.


So, what are you doing today? Singing to your mom? Taking her out for lunch? Buying her a gift? Whatever you do, don’t forget to thank her…after all, she is the reason you are here.


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