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Mother Dearest, We Salute You.

Bar Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s, today is one of the most important dates of the year…Yes, it’s mother’s day! The bakeries of Nicaragua are overrun with orders, and the florists are raking in serious cash money. Hecho wants to wish all the mamacitas and mamasotas out there a very happy mother’s day, and while we’re at it we’d like to highlight two very special celebrations of this day.

Hitlist III

6. Erdmann’s. First it was the black gold (coffee) and now it’s something even better. Foodie-heaven Espressonista in Granada has provided beer lovers in Nicaragua with the happiest alternative since the seasonal Maestro beer was launched! The artisanal, German-inspired home brew – named after the brewer/inventor, Falk Erdmann – comes in small quantities of ales and stouts, and rates highly on our yumometer. Erdmann’s is only available in limited edition batches, so you may have to sit tight, but believe us – it’s worth a road trip AND a wait. Cheers!

Elemental madness with Fire & Water

On Feb 16th, Isla Ometepe’s twin peaks will literally be overrun by extreme (and philanthropic) athletes. The Fuego y Agua event includes several divisions of running races, as well as the intense all-day survival race – this masochistic category has a 4am kickoff, and competitors must bring their own survival/first aid kits in case they fall while running, swimming, digging, or tackling surprise obstacles. Only the truly hardcore need apply for that one!

Nicaraguan Cigars: Making a Mark

The early 60’s became a milestone in the history of Nicaraguan Cigars. Cuban émigrés from the Pinar del Rio region came to Nicaragua with their prized tobacco seeds and technical knowledge. Over the next few years, the rudimentary cultivation of indigenous “chilagre” tobacco that had been practiced in the Jalapa Valley evolved, giving birth to what is today one of the most important tobacco growing areas in the world.

Luis Chamorro

“I used to walk to Maderas (surf beach), because back then there really was no other means of transportation, tourism hadn’t blown up yet,” Luis recalls. “That’s how I got started, I learned by myself there at the beach and eventually I began competing.”