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R.I.P. Office Kitty (Nov 2008 – Aug 2010)

Like too many cats and dogs in Nicaragua, Office Kitty’s life started off hard. When Flor rescued the little orange furball and brought him to the office, he was undersized, undernourished, unwanted and covered in dirt and fleas. We cleaned him up and tried to come up with a name, KittyZompopo and Handsome Tiger were some early options, but finally we settled on Office Kitty. I’m not sure what kind of things Kitty went through before he found us, but as he grew older he was always kind of a mean little bastard, but that was just Kitty. He played rough, because his life was rough. But we always loved him because he was our mean little bastard.

Kitty had always been mischievous, but when the Hecho office moved to its current location in Los Robles, he started getting in to more trouble than usual. The neighborhood cats didn’t take kindly to the new kid on the block. One day we found him covered in blood with scratches so deep on his head someone’s first reaction was “Oh my God, you can practically see his brain!” We got him all patched up and he was healing fine, but a few days later he showed up again with fresh wounds joining the old ones that had been ripped back open. We tried to keep him inside, but Kitty had always been stubborn, too independent for his own good.

As time went by, the fights died down, but we started to notice that he was losing a lot of weight. He would only eat his food if someone was watching him (or if it was chicken from On The Run…) and he barely drank any water. After the vet again, Kitty came home and just sat on a shelf in the bathroom and wouldn’t move, wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t do anything. He was taken to the vet one last time and kept overnight, but in the morning he passed away. Poor guy. Even though he was an asshole a lot of the time, peed on all of our beds (multiple times in some cases) and scratched everyone who petted him, Office Kitty will be missed. He was one of those family members who was far from perfect, but at the end of the day, despite all his fucked up idiosyncrasies, he was family and he was loved. Rest in peace, Kitty.


Gloria Ruiz

:( i cried when read Eugenia’s status :( :( :( :(

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