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Any Way The Wind Blows

(Pictured: Sean “He’s like the wind” Porter and Gabe “Gabo 9000″ Vargas)

The Hecho-sponsored flag football team, Beer Bellies (I refuse to spell it “Bellys”), is in the playoffs for the first time thanks in large part to the defensive heroics of Sean “He’s like the wind” Porter, who picked off three Youngblood passes (and almost had a 4th), including one for a touchdown to seal the 12-0 shutout victory.

Wearing a light blue tank top, with shoulders so wide it is rumored he can’t even fit into a jersey, and despite playing with a tweaked hammy, Porter was a beast on defense, wrecking havoc in the secondary like an out of control wind turbine off its hinges, sending the veteran Young Blood squad into fits and also to an early vacation.

One of the keys to a Beer Belly’s victory that the average fan might have missed was the superb center play of Gabe “Gabo 9000” Vargas. He hiked the ball like there was no tomorrow – and if they had lost the game there wouldn’t have been. Vargas snapped the ball with the finesse and precision of a men’s figure skater, always sending his brown load right into his quarterback’s wanting hands.

The crowd may have been a factor in the game, as the Young Bloods seemed visually shaken by the Beer Belly fans incessant cheering and heckling with their drunken demeanor and colorful signage.

Next Tuesday in La Mecca the Bellies will kick-off the playoffs as the decided underdog. Come by, crack open a bicha and check it outtttttt. First game is at 7:30pm

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